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We started by telling stories about pioneers in South Tyrol. And then we realised that we could do more.

NOWA has two souls. The first soul narrates and inspires the culture of positive change in South Tyrol. Our approach: the constructive communication. We explore possibilities and solutions, we tell about sustainable and innovative social, economic and cultural models, how communities are responding to today's challenges from below. We tell about pioneers, courageous people and companies experimenting with the ways of tomorrow.

Our second soul wants to be the engine of this change. That's why we offer our expertise in strategic consulting and business design to visionary start-ups, courageous entrepreneurs and revolutionary small and medium-sized enterprises that want to embark on the path of positive transformation towards purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Because it is with good ideas, an organic and focused strategy and an evolutionary business model that you can change everything.

NOWA is member of Economy for the Common Good (ECG) and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEALL).

Seit einiger Zeit können Studenten in Bozen lokale Bioprodukte zu einem günstigeren Preis kaufen. […]

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Ve li ricordate Stephen e Petra? Siamo tornati a trovarli... […]

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Il Waldkinder Lichtenstern è il primo asilo nel bosco dell'Alto Adige. Qui non esistono sovrastrutture né rigidità, ma le relazioni e i momenti di crescita dei piccoli sono dettati dalla natura. […]

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Eccoci qui, fra emozione e un poco di timidezza, questa volta la storia è la nostra. […]

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Strategic consulting, branding, business design and prototyping. With an approach that puts both people and their business at the centre. So we support visionary start-ups, courageous entrepreneurs and revolutionary companies that seek purpose and want to have a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Our approach is evolutionary, oriented to the well-being economy and devoted to entrepreneurial biodiversity. What does that mean?