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We identify your company's untapped potential, its uniqueness. We build competitive advantage. We identify market opportunities specific to your company, product or service and develop the right action plan for a positive and sustainable impact.


To strengthen your business, we identify untapped potential, develop innovative business models and effective new services. We combine analytical tools and design methods to make a company resilient, a service attractive to customers, a business beneficial to its stakeholders and useful to the community and context in which it operates.


A changed market, new customer behaviour or simply a generational change: these are just some of the situations that require a transformation process of the company. Targeted measures are required to complete this process. We are specialised in this and support you from the first moment until the (re-)launch of your company.


If you prefer more autonomy in managing change in your company, but would like someone to be your point of reference in the most delicate phases, we become your sparring partner: an expert guide and an external, competent and attentive point of view. If necessary, we analyse the challenges together and accompany you in the most difficult decisions. We are at your side with know-how, experience and timely feedback.


We communicate your values, make your company and your commitment known, motivate people to discover new perspectives. Through events, actions, cross-media and awareness-raising campaigns, cause-related marketing and stakeholder engagement, we help companies to make their uniqueness known.

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After a first exploratory interview, in which we will have defined the challenge your company is facing and your objectives, we will move on to a detailed analysis of your target market, competition, internal and external perceptions of your brand.

Having identified the need for action, potential and available resources, we design new solutions, new opportunities and find the right way to realise them. We develop a detailed project and test all best possible solutions.

We manage all phases of implementation: from finding the best partners, through creative direction, project management to launch. We stand by our clients until the end of each project and also monitor the subsequent phases.

Entrepreneurial biodiversity

The small insects of NOWA represent biodiversity. They stand for the entrepreneurial biodiversity we cultivate. Through our strategic consulting, we help companies diversify and find their market. Every company has a valuable uniqueness that must be exploited and from which an effective and impactful competitive advantage can be derived. This is our bread and butter.

Evolutionary approach

Frederic Laloux sees companies as constantly evolving organisms, with a purpose that transcends their stakeholders. Rigid structures, static strategy documents or closing approaches can only weigh a company down, depriving it of the opportunity to evolve. For this reason, we develop evolutionary strategies and concepts for our clients, thanks to which companies can develop in line with rapid market changes.

Well-being economy

The original purpose of the economy is to support life, community and fair social organization. The measure of success of an economy is the creation of well-being for all, not profit for its own sake. The wellbeing economy, or purpose economy, this is the economic paradigm in which we believe and within which we operate: so that our choices always have a positive impact. NOWA is a member of Wellbeing Economy and Economy for Common Good.


are very important to us. The financial contribution we ask depends on the complexity of the project, and therefore the time needed to realize it. We respect your budget and are committed to making the most of it. Together we define a fair pricing policy for everyone: fair for you, for us and for the external service providers. So that everyone can be truly happy.

Be human

We do not let ourselves be guided by rigid patterns, methods and models, even less by fashions or old habits. We listen to what you tell us, we continuously learn from everything that happens, we try to do better and better and we don't rest until we have given everything. And we sincerely say what we think. Let us remain human, today more than ever.

Be the change

We are the change we want to see in the world: every day, in our own small way, with our choices, our actions and all our efforts.

Be energy

It is the energy we create when we work and relate that makes the most beautiful things happen. That is why we are careful that everything we do is in line with what we believe in and we are committed to ensuring that every company we work with discovers this magic.