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In an ever-changing market, it is essential to recognise opportunities for evolution, to optimise the core business and to explore new avenues at the same time. It is also essential to get off on the right foot. There is a solution for every challenge and the right solution for every situation. We know how to find it. So we help companies and cooperatives to develop successful strategies, innovative business models and new services in order to be competitive while having a positive impact.

Our approach pays special attention to sustainability, purpose-driven entrepreneurship and is aimed at entrepreneurial biodiversity. What does this mean? Read OUR DNA


Being successful is all about making the right choices. We compare aspirations and setting, potentials and risks and build your competitive advantage. We identify uniqueness, potential, limits, purpose. We determine your specific market opportunities and the right action plan for a positive and lasting impact.


We find unexplored potential, develop meaningful business models, test and minimise risks, and design effective new services that strengthen your company. We combine analytical tools with design methods to make a business attractive to customers, advantageous to the stakeholders and valuable to the community and context in which it operates.


Business transformation allows unexpected horizons to be discovered. The need for a repositioning as a result of a change in the market, a merger, new customer behaviours, a crisis of values, or simply due to a generational change, are just some of the situations that may call for a business a transformation process, which requires targeted and tailored measures.


If you prefer more autonomy in managing your change and would like someone to ask for advice, someone to be a point of reference in the most delicate phases, we are an experienced guide and a competent and attentive external point of view. When needed, we analyse the challenges together and accompany you in the most difficult decisions. We are at your side with know-how, feedback and solutions.


The brand is the sum of emotions, thoughts, images and stories that revolve around a company. It is its most valuable asset: it is its essence, its personality, it creates relationships, trust and value. It is everything the customer attributes to the company. Designing or renewing a brand is a delicate and necessary task for the awareness and success of a company.


We communicate values, promote virtuous companies and motivate people to discover new lifestyles and new ways of looking at things - through events, actions, cross-media and awareness-raising campaigns, cause-related marketing and stakeholder engagement. We support companies in making their commitment and social responsibility towards environment and communities known.

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With an initial exploratory, no-obligation interview, we discuss your needs, the challenge you are facing, your aspirations. We make sure our offer is the right one for you.

Through in-depth meetings, workshops, surveys and direct analysis, we determine the specific current state of your business. We detect needs, aspirations, potential and existing tools. We identify new opportunities and the right way to implement them..

After proposing the modalities of intervention to you (appropriate and flexible, in order to work on the measures that are right for you, at the time and in the way that makes you feel best), we remain at your side until the implementation of each intervention.

Entrepreneurial biodiversity

The small insects here represent biodiversity. They stand for the ecological and social diversity that we want to promote with our pioneer stories. But also for entrepreneurial diversity. Through strategic consulting and business design, we help companies to diversify so that each one finds its place in the market, without copying and competing. Just as the animals in an ecosystem specialise and each has its own task. So each company and each entrepreneur behind it will have a valuable uniqueness that must be enhanced and from which to unleash an effective and impactful business model. We firmly believe in this.

Evolutionary approach

The evolutionary approach is inspired by one of the revolutionary business consultants we look up to and have blogged about, Frederic Laloux, who has inspired countless organisations around the world to adopt radically more powerful, vibrant and purposeful management practices. Organisations are seen as constantly evolving bodies, with a purpose that transcends its stakeholders. As a result, fixed structures, static strategy documents or closing approaches can only weigh down an organisation, depriving it of the opportunity to evolve.

Well-being economy

The original purpose of economics is to sustain life, community and equitable social organisation. The measure of success of an economy is the creation of well-being for all, not profit for its own sake. The Wellbeing Economy, or purpose economy, this is the economic paradigm we believe in and operate within: so that our choices always have a positive impact. Nowa is a member of Wellbeing Economy and the Common Good Economy.

Fairness and reciprocity

are very important to us. The financial contribution we ask for depends on the complexity of the project, and therefore on the time needed to carry it out. We respect your budget and are committed to making the most of it. Together we define a fair pricing policy for everyone: fair for you, for us and for the suppliers. So that everyone can be truly happy.

Be human

We are not guided by rigid schemes, methods and models, even less by trends or conventions. We remain empathic, curious, ambitious and sincere. We listen to what you tell us, we continuously learn from everything that happens, we try to do better and better and we don't rest until we have done our best. And let us say sincerely what we think. Let us remain human, today more than ever.

Be thr change

We are the change we want to see in the world: every day, in our every moment, with our choices, our actions and all our efforts.

Be energy

It is the energy we create when we work and relate that makes the most beautiful things happen. That is why we are careful that everything we do is in line with what we believe in and we strive to ensure that every company we work with discovers this magic.