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We team up with the community

We are Sara and Borja and we have been working in business design, strategic brand communication and corporate strategy for over 15 years. From major events and international advertising campaigns to strategic collaborations and corporate strategy, whether in Italy or Germany, we have designed, managed and implemented projects for large and small companies, NGOs, public personalities and bold start-ups. Pfui! It was not always easy, but always exciting, because our work is also our passion. But at some point we realised that everything we did had an impact on the world we build for our children and we started to rethink everything. First our lives and then our work. This is how NOWA was born.

Together with our customers, partners and co-workers, we bring our experience and know-how to projects that contribute to our vision of a better, healthier and happier world.

Strategist, business designer, art director and mother, Sara Anfos is ingenious, creative and enterprising. After many years of experience in brand consulting, events, advertising and public communication, Sara became a conceptioner for Live and Cross Media communication in a renowned and award-winning Berlin agency and then a freelance strategist. Passionate about social, cultural and entrepreneurial biodiversity, Sara loves to have and build meaning. Sara is the ideator and founder of NOWA and through it she wants to turn the pollen she finds into honey, spread harmony and sow beauty: social, cultural and economic.

I like discovering the intrinctual value of things, joining the points, building sense, seeding beauty.

Author, successful youtuber, online communication expert, German teacher and dad. Eclectic and brilliant, Borja Schwember has academic experience in Canada, a film, a book and an audience of almost half a million followers on social networks. He is co-founder of NOWA, through which he wants to continue to amaze with his biting and funny content and wants to change the world, step by step. When the cricket sings, good news comes!

I always like to take on new spiritual challenges.

Sara and Borja work with truly exceptional partners! Competent professionals, all united by the same passion for real, beautiful, useful things and the same vision: the economy of joy and well-being. Thus, for each project, they can count on quality partnerships for the best result.