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We team up with the community

We are Sara and Borja and we have been involved in strategic marketing, communication and innovation for over 15 years.

From advertising campaigns to big live formats, from cause-related marketing to corporate collaborations, we have designed and implemented projects for large and small companies, institutions, international NGOs and bold start-ups between Italy and Germany. This was not always easy, but always exciting, because our work is also our passion. At some point we realised that what we do has a big impact on the world and with the birth of our first child we started to rethink everything. First our life, then our work. That's how NOWA was born.

Together with our partners, we are now using our experience and know-how to work alongside companies that contribute to a better, fairer and happier world.

Business innovator, marketing and communications expert and mother, Sara is sophisticated, inventive and enterprising. After years of experience in brand consulting, advertising and communication, Sara first worked as a conceptual designer at an award-winning Berlin agency, where she managed large to very large projects. Since 2017, she has been working as a freelance strategist and conceptualiser for German, Italian and Swiss creative agencies as well as a consultant for companies in transition. Sara is the founder of NOWA and wants to sow beauty: social, cultural and entrepreneurial.


Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy
Harvard Business School

Certificate in Business Innovation: Business Strategy and Business Design
Ideo U

Training Course Expert in Positive Psychology
European Institute for Positive Psychology (06.2023)

Certificate Dual Postgraduate Course in Conception for Live Communication and Cross-Media
Treibhaus 08 Berlin

Master's degree in communication sciences
University La Sapienza Rome

Bilingual certificate DE-ITA
Autonomous Province of Bolzano

I like discovering the intrinctual value of things, joining the points, building sense, seeding beauty.

Well-known Youtuber with over 400,000 subscribers, online communication expert, book author, German teacher and dad. Versatile and brilliant, Borja Schwember boasts academic experience in Canada, a film, a book and an audience of almost half a million followers on social media. For NOWA, he handles social media, writing, shooting and editing videos that are second to none. With his biting and witty content, he amazes and changes the world a little every day.

Bachelor in Communication Sciences
University of Greifswald, Germany

Master in American Studies
University of Manitoba, Canada

I always like to take on new spiritual challenges.

Sara and Borja work with truly exceptional partners! Competent professionals, all united by the same passion for real, beautiful, useful things and the same vision: the economy of joy and well-being. Thus, for each project, they can count on quality partnerships for the best result.